Unlawful activities being done by Global Tel Link

Securus Technology has played a significant role in creating awareness about the challenges being faced by inmates. One of the fundamental problems that have been faced by prisoners for a long time now is the rates they are charged to communicate with their loved ones. Keeping in mind most of the inmates come from families who face financial issues it can be challenging for them to communicate with their families because of the rates put in place.

The company has been creating awareness about the activities of Global Tel Link, which is currently the service provider. GTL has been exploiting many inmates in different ways so as to increase their profit margin. Securus has been doing its research about the utility being rendered to prisoners, and there are a number of things they realized about the company. The government should allow other service providers to enter the industry; this will promote the service being offered.

GTL has been overcharging inmates for their services for many years. The entity has been exceeding the limits put in place by governments. By so doing they have been breaking the law. Most inmates have incurred a lot of cash when communicating with their loved ones. Some families have also spent all their saving just to pay for their communications.

The company has been double billing a single call and thus, forcing inmates to pay for a single call twice. This is against the law since the action has been done without the knowledge of the person paying the bill. Apart from that, the entity programmed its system to add 15 or 36 seconds to each call being made by inmates. All these were being done intentionally so as to increase the revenue being realized by the company. This explains why the company has been making unrealistic profits in every financial year.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.